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Polskie Strony

American Dream from Poland


Polskie Strony

American Dream from Poland

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Did You Really Try It? How Was It?

10/04/2019 Back home in Poland heroin use isn?t the craze like it is in the United States. I try to be very open about my past, so when I meet people and make friends, and we start talking about it, I mention my stint with addiction. They are always so impressed right away. Yeah, impressed. Mostly that means that they are surprised and curious and want to ask me questions, but I guess they also can?t believe I did something so… Continue reading ➞ Did You Really Try It? How Was It? Drug Addict

Ask me, I know a Lot Now

13/02/201925/02/2019 What is heroin? Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive opioid made from morphine. It looks like a white or brown powder, or a black, tar-like goo. Heroin can be smoked, injected or snorted. How does heroin work/what does it do? Heroin works by quickly entering the brain and connecting to the receptors associated with sensing pleasure and pain, and with regulating sleep, breathing and heart rate. Users report feelings of euphoria and/or numbness when high on heroin. What makes heroin… Continue reading ➞ Ask me, I know a Lot NowAbout Heroin, Drug Drug Addict

A Miracle or a University Degree?

26/01/201925/02/2019 After calling a few places, I selected a rehab facility that would allow me to pay on a sliding scale and a monthly payment plan. It was the only way I could afford to go to rehab since I had hardly any money and no health insurance. I remember now how desperate I felt at that moment, but I wasn’t going to become one of these homeless migrants. I don’t know what exactly led me – the belief in a… Continue reading ➞ A Miracle or a University Degree?Come Back, Rehab Drug AddictMy Story

Out of the Restaurant, Out of her Life

13/01/201925/02/2019 Once I moved in with Katie, life was just one big heroin blur. With little structure other than having to show up for our serving shifts, we were free to smoke and waste our lives away all the time. I don?t know how she managed it, but Katie always made it to work, no matter how high she was. I started missing shifts because I was asleep, or coming down, or so out of it, I didn?t even know what… Continue reading ➞ Out of the Restaurant, Out of her LifeDrug Effect, Katie Drug Addict

The Downward Spiral

19/12/201825/02/2019 The next phase happened so quickly, and I was high so much of the time, that it is a little difficult to remember. My memories of this time are blurry and faded, but I will describe what I do remember. My pattern became wake up late, meet up with Katie, get high at one of our homes, work at the restaurant, hang out with Katie and get high some more, then go home to sleep next to Suzette. Suzette had… Continue reading ➞ The Downward SpiralDrug, Life Changing America LifeDrug AddictMy Story

Come on, Alek, Everyone Does it

06/12/201825/02/2019 So there I was, in a foreign country, with a job I hated, knowing very few people and rarely getting to spend time with the woman I had moved across the ocean to be with. I was at a house party after a shift one night having a few beers when Katie, another server, passed me a pipe. I thought it was pot, which I had smoked with the other servers a few times. It helped me relax and unwind… Continue reading ➞ Come on, Alek, Everyone Does itAmerica Life, Drug America LifeMy Story

Always Hungry America and Always Tired Me

19/11/201825/02/2019 I described in my last post how I moved from Poland to the United States a few years ago, giving up everything I knew to be with my American girlfriend Suzette. I had a hard time finding work in my area of expertise, and reluctantly accepted a job as a waiter at a local restaurant. One of the difficult things about working at the restaurant was that I worked opposite hours from Suzette. She had a traditional 9-5 job at… Continue reading ➞ Always Hungry America and Always Tired MeAmerica Life, Suzette My Story

Hello from Poland

05/11/201825/02/20192 Comments on Hello from Poland My name is Aleksander, and I am from Wieliczka, Poland. Most people call me Alek. I moved to the United States from my hometown in Europe a few years ago to be with my American girlfriend at the time, Suzette. We met while she was on a student trip with her university. All the students in the group had gone out to a bar, where my friends and I spoke with them to practice our English, which we all grew… Continue reading ➞ Hello from PolandAmerica Life, From Poland, Suzette ? 2019 Polskie Strony
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